Schinias National Park: An Ancient and rare Ecosystem of Attica

Athens is surrounded by water so spending a day at one of the many lovely and clean beaches along its’ coastline is relatively easy and accessible either by public transport or taxi. One of the most beautiful areas of Athens to visit is the Schinias National Parkwhere you will be able to combine great swimming, relaxation, incredible natural beautybird watching, water sports, canoeing or rowing, cycling or walking.

Historically this area identifies with the Battle of  Marathon which took place in 490 BC. This is  where the Persian army made camp and such a culturally rich area of Attica that no one should forego. Over 5000 years of Greek civilization unfolded here. The Marathon’s Battle Trophy is within walking distance from the Park and if you have the time (!) make a point of visiting the archaeological site and museum of Marathon.

Perhaps the most famous and inspiring athletic event known all over the world is the Athens Classic Marathon Race which takes place every year, usually in the fall.

In this area fifty square meters become an excellent getaway from the everyday life .Designed to maximize the small space  to include a kitchen, living room, bathroom and a bedroom with a double bed.   A wooden volume in the center of the space helps separate the different areas holding a bookcase, closets and a bathroom entry.  Materials help separate the functions of the spaces: concrete on the exterior wall and a raised wooden platform which defines the bedroom.

- Anna-Christina Fractopoulou -